Because YouTube-kun prioritizes questionable speedsubbers over pro translators. We are the alternatives you are looking for.

Good VTuber Subs is a project aiming to introduce higher quality subtitled VTuber content to the masses. That includes a Twitter bot that posts videos from good subbers, and the Recommended List, a collection of vetted channels that provide quality clips.

Our main page: version 2022.1104, powered by Notion and Fruition. Automated and run by @Madekuji_san, with the help of translators everywhere.

“the font man is back at it again”

“Working in a subbing group be like”

“If people posted about other interests as they post about languages”

"Watch this before studying Japanese"

"How do subbing groups work?"

Translation Alignment Chart

"the absolute state of vtuber clipping"

"Yet these subs will never blink. So as I render, Unlimited .ASS Works"